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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Happened to Quiet and Shy ?

Sorry there will be no pictures today. We have been blocked. We had found a way to get through the censors but it isn't working today. I hope by tomorrow to have a new plan.
Today's post was to have been about the change in Dominic with accompanying pictures, some taken by him. Jerry says he is all boy . He loves to play tricks on us and jump out and scare us. He talks, laughs, smiles, whistles, SINGS, constantly. I just keep thinking that he and Everett together are going to be positively scary.


Anonymous said...

Hey friends. We are praying for you and will put in the TB especially. I can't IMAGINE what Everett and D will be like together! Look out Franklin! -Robin M

Wright Family said...

. Thank you, Robin! Do we have a granddautghter yet???
. jerry

bass family said...

SO glad to hear!