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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabric Shopping

My favorite days (not counting the ones with Cheryl, which were my Very favorite days) in China have been the ones where we have ventured out on our own . Today we decided to go to the fabric market. The people at the front desk write something on a piece of paper which we hand to the taxi driver (being careful to have the hotel's address in Chinese in our pocket) and off we go hoping the ride won't be Too long and the driver knows where he is going. Then we end up in a place where we will not see any western faces, but when we say 'how much?" everyone can type it on their calculator. The fabric store turned out to be more than one building each with 3 or 4 floors of fabric. Since most of it was silks and glitzy fabric (SC would be lost in there for days) and I needed a heavish cotton for summer curtains (25 meters) I didn't have alot of choices but did manage to find something that will give us a cheerful change in the living room and dining room next summer. We wandered around the neighbor and found a nice/ cheap place to eat lunch and discovered an electronics market. Everything seemed to be more expensive than we can get on sale in America (have heard that electronics in Hong Kong is cheaper) so we ended up only buying a suitcase to carry the fabric and books and new clothes we have purchased home. As you can see the taxi driver found our hotel and returned us safely.


Anonymous said...

OH ! OH... I would have like that part of your trip.. Neat.

Wright Family said...

. We can give you directions or at least the name of the place in Chinese script! Just hand it to the cabbie and he'll whisk you there for ~17 -18 Yuan (about 2 1/2 bucks). Oh, you'll have to fly to Guangzhou (nee Canton) first!!! :O . . . jerry