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Friday, August 6, 2010

ARIEL is my Hero!

We said our farewells and drove down to Atlanta last night to prepare for an early morning departure. As I was stepping out of the shower this morning I had a panic attack, remembering that when I made last minute copies of our passports yesterday,I had left the pasports in the copy machine. At close to 9:00 I called Ariel to tell her to throw the little kids in the car and get them to us at the airport asap. Atlanta is a 2 hour drive from where we live , the traffic is horrendous, especially getting to the airport and I have never let 18 year old Ariel make that drive before - especially alone. I am so impressed that she managed to rouse 2 sleeping children and throw them in the car fast enough to get to us on time. We had alerted the Delta people so they were also watching out for us.
So our trip began with me spending the morning crying at the airport. Partially over my stupidity at leaving the passports but mostly over my worry about Ariel and the kids having to make that awful drive.
God was gracious. We don't always get to see God bring good out of bad things but this time we saw it almost immediately. As Ariel was driving home we got the second call of the morning from Ric who was misreable and crying. His mother had taken him to Gainesville to visit his dad and cousins for the weekend and he was not doing well (he threw up last night, so maybe he was actually sick).
I told his Mom that Ariel was passing through Gainesville at that moment and she could take him back to Franklin if she wanted. He was happy to get to go home with her although he spent yesterday and today so far laying around. Ariel is off to Splash Country today so Joyce and Lindsay are managing the kids.
Our flights were uneventful. X@n@x is a miracle drug for those with FOF. We are now in a luxurious Marriot about to crash. We get Rosie on Monday and Dominic on Wednesday and the real adventure will begin. Goodnight. C


Cathy M said...

Yeah Ariel!!!! So glad you remembered them in time and glad you are there safely....the Lord is so faithful....even in our fears:)

bass family said...

Yay Ariel! I am super impressed! She's a champ, for sure. Praying for you guys!

Wright Family said...

thanks, Cathy and Sarah, planning to spend today in HK trying to figure out how to post to this after we get behind the curtain :)

Karen Baker said...

I could literally "feel" your emotion as you realized you left your passports on the very grateful that Ariel was able to make the drive.........God is so good!
Stayed at the same hotel in HK, very nice and we rested well........will be praying everyday and anxious to show pictures to MK of your new daughter, her dear friend!
Much Love!!!!

D.Kimsey said...

It's not often I have tears in my eyes. But, I was very emotional reading this blog. I'm sure God's Angels were clearing the way for Ariel there and back. I would have felt EXACTLY the same way if Emily had to do that. Ariel is a heroine! I am praying for you guys and the whole situation.