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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Approaching the Goal

For the entire last year, we having been pressing toward the goal of going to China to bring home Dominic and Rosemary. Amidst all the busyness of our lives, the thought of them ,and the trip to get them, has never been far from our thoughts. We have completed a veritable mountain of paperwork, sent money to agencies everywhere, debated about clothing sizes, filled drawers with new clothes , repainted bedrooms, refinished furniture, struggled to choose names, bought new dolls :) , electronic toys, backpacks, bedspreads, you name it, and doing all that we could to prepare a place that we hope these children will like.
And them? Until just a few months ago, they did not even know we existed. One of them has lived in an orphanage since being abandoned on a bus at age 5, the other has lived in an orphanage or fostercare for 10 years. It is what they have known. And now they will be asked if they would like to leave all they have ever known to come with us. Will they be brave enough to do it? At their age, they have a choice. As an orphan in China, they will have no opportunity for education and most jobs are not open to them. But, at least they know what they can expect. They know nothing about us.
I love the Biblical parallels in adoption. I love that God left a comfortable place to come to us, although we were not mighty, or worthy, or even good, and by the power of His 'love He predestined us to adoption as sons, according to the good pleasure of His will' (Eph1:5). I love that Jesus said that He was going to prepare a place for us. I love that He has allowed us to experience, in a small way, what He has done for us.
If the children knew all that we have done /planned for them surely they would be eager to come. (Do you think that is just what God is thinking about us? )
How will they respond?
For us, at this moment in time, that is an unknown. But it is already known to God. I love that , too.


bass family said...

Wow, what a huge step of faith - for you and for them! Praying for you all as you prepare to travel!

joyce said...

You are on our hearts. Praying and than praying some more. Love you both.