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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gotcha Day Number Two

Of our three Chinese adoptions, this was our first difficult one. Not as difficult perhaps, as the one we observed after we got Rosie in Nanning where we wandered into a room full of families getting crying babies, but in it's way just as heart rending. Dominic Lu Min has been in tears off and on from our first meeting. The thought of how hard it must be to leave everything and go with people who aren't even smart enough to speak Chinese has brought me to tears as well. David, our guide has been wonderful and soon after we returned to our hotel Xiao Ping (Cheryl's young helper who now lives in Kunming). Dominic knows her, which helped, but also she was loving and funny and affectionate with both children so we totally enjoyed our time with her. Tomorrow we will visit her at the coffee shop where she works.

As you can see from the pictures, Dominic is tall! So although Rosie is two months older she seems like a little girl and Dominic feels almost like a teenager and I don't quite know how to treat him. I think he may already feel rather confined being part of a family. Please pray for us all as we learn to be one.
On the plus side, since he can write pinyin he can type things on the translator to communicate with us a little. On the negative side, he asked to watch TV and when I said he could watch sports he wanted to watch some music TV . Uh, no.
Just got a note that this may not post so I am going to quit here. Keep praying. c


cjw said...

Wow. he looks tall even for an American 10 year old. But as beautiful as ever.

The Kenworthy's said...

I think it is great that they have each other and will play a huge part in their ability to adjust more easily... you guys are so courageous as are both of the children. I know they will look back one day and realize these moments were some of the most important in their lives... thanks to you guys "the life changers" aka as Catherine and Jerry.

bass family said...

praying for you ALL!

Cathy M said...

He will give you what you need:)