Say "YES!" to God's call.
When He calls, He always enables.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall images

Fall means swapping the spring/summer draperies and decorations for the fall/winter ones. While relaxing on pinterest one day, I saw this idea, which I adapted for our fall mantel. The pictures are of Simon and Jed, our two boys still waiting in China.

Ric's dad came home to cook for the Moon Festival.

Our son, Travis, has produced Henry and Clara, our only grandchildren. Aren't they precious?!

Since I have shown you my pinterest success, it is only fair that I also show my pinterest failure. There was a picture of a beautiful pumpkin- looking cake that supposedly was
a right side up bundt cake on top of an upside down bundt cake. Not being one to waste time reading directions, and often unreasonably confident, I decided to make it when some dear friends, who we hadn't seen for years were coming for lunch. As you can see it doesn't look much like a pumpkin, but it provided ALOT of carrot cake and was good for a laugh. BTW I did go back and read the directions later and the real thing required utensils and cooking mastery way beyond what I would ever like to acquire. I'll stick to painting. LOL

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ordained !

Ryan, our firstborn son, has been ordained ! We are incredibly proud!
The ceremony was very special, with important people from Ryan's life participating. Jerry's dad, Jack, was there to pray for him. Jack is the annointed patriarch of our family, a worship leader and then assistant pastor, for many years. Tim Colwell, our former pastor, who has mentored Ryan since high school, was part of the ordination committee, traveling from Florida to be there. Of course he was also surrounded by many brothers and sisters!

When I think back to Ryan's dedication as a baby, this outcome seems obvious. But there were many days/years in the interim when this outcome wasn't obvious at all. I am grateful to God for his call on Ryan's life and to Ryan for saying 'yes' to that call.

Pastors, praying for Ryan.

Prayer for Julia, to fulfill the call God has on her, as a pastor's wife.