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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cranial Vault Surgery

Andy, Ric and I have just returned from our third trip Chapel Hill as many months. We all love visiting Katrina but the real purpose has been to attend about a zillion doctor's appointments for Andy at UNC's medical center.
Those of you who followed our trip to China to get Andy last August may remember that I worried , at the time, about his unusual head shape. It was beyond the flat back which is typical in some orphanage children. The doctors in China talked to each other about it at his medical exam,but since I don't speak Chinese , didn't have a clue what they were saying.
Andy has craniosynostosis which means that the pieces of his skull fused together prematurely in some places, causing other places to grow out of proportion. The common term for his particular disfigurement is called tower skull. As you can see from the pictures, he now has an abundance of hair which makes it much less noticeable.
This week we will return to Chapel Hill for Andy to have surgery to reshape his skull. This will allow room for his brain to grow as well as take pressure off the optic nerve which could have lead to blindness. A neurosurgeon and a plastic surgeon will work together for 6 hours ,pulling his forehead forward which will lower the top and round out the back. Andy will be in ICU for several days but we hope to be home before Easter.
We are hoping to be able to stay at Ronald McDonald house but will not know until the day before if they have a room available. Jerry, Amber ,Ric and I are definitely going - Ariel has a conference soccer game on Friday so we are not sure what she will be doing.
We would appreciate your prayers. Andy is excited that they are going to fix his head, but of course he doesn't have a clue at what cost. Jerry and I will be alternating staying with Andy and entertaining Ric and Amber. If Katrina's school schedule isn't too busy, she will also help. I am SO glad we chose Chapel Hill, even though it is a long drive. Andy's plastic surgeon goes to Katrina's church and does mission work around the world.