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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Civil War

Ariel's 21st birthday fell in the midst of The Civil War, a heart rending musical, where Everett and Jerry fought on opposite sides.  The younger boys have asked me dozens of times which ones are the bad guys.  I always mumble something about this being a war about brother against brother, not neccesarily bad guys against good guys (after all, I have lived in NC a very long time so I know the drill).  However, after watching the show more than a dozen times they have determined that the guys with the American flag are the good guys and the ones who tore down the flag to make another are the bad guys.  Children have an inate understanding of right and wrong that is not easily complicated by political correctness.

We all spend alot of time at the theater, with the kids often doing their schoolwork there, while I get to work on costumes.  In the evenings, it looks like this : the boys hanging their heads over whatever computer game is being played by friends and the girls talking about or playing with their American girl dolls.  In this picture, you may notice Jed sitting in the front row where he can encouraged to be quiet. lol.