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When He calls, He always enables.

Friday, April 16, 2010

May I brag a little?

Katrina was our first "baby of the family". By this I don't mean the first baby, because there were three before her. I mean the youngest child , who is adored by everyone and hence is used to being the center of attention and usually quite charming. Katrina was always adorable and fit that role perfectly. We did ,subsequently, have other "babies of the family". (You might notice that Everett fits this description pretty well ,too.)
What we did not realize until she was grown was that under all that cute was Determination with a capital D. Looking back at old videos of our family it is very obvious, but somehow with 9 children we didn't notice. So while we shouldn't be at all surprised at her academic success, it is in fact, a sort of serendipity.
Last month we visited UNC Chapel Hill for her White Coat Ceremony. That is when third year pharmacy students are presented their white jacket. Next year she will move closer to home to do rotations in the Asheville area before she graduates. We will be so glad to be able to see her more often! We love you Katrina!