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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Medical Examination Day

As you can tell from Dominic's countenance, he is a much happier boy.
Today was the day of the children's medical exams. The US governement currently requires adopted children to have their imunizations completed before entering the US. They must also have a TB test, which if positive, will result in a chest Xray and possible long term treatment. This is all done in a Chinese medical clinic with zillions of new adoptive parents and their children. (think hot and dirty) Today a 3 year old who was adopted last week began to have seizures after her shots. You can imagine her sobbing parents as the so called medical staff tried to offer her candy! Eventually they got out some oxygen and when we saw her later she seemed to have recovered. I pray so. My two each needed three shots and a TB test. I have no idea how they came up with those numbers since Dominic had no record of ever having any shots at all. The TB test was given as a shallow shot above the wrist, causing bleeding on both of them. Both children are reportedly Hep b positive. The nurses did not wear gloves. When they walked out bleeding, I flipped out. They gave Rosie a tissue. Oi
Rosie's eye exam was alot like Andy's where they helped her point her hand in the direction of the Es. We go back on Monday to have the TB tests read. Please pray for negative results. For some reason, this is something I have worried about (okay, so I worry about alot of things)
We shopped a little on Shamian Island and way overpaid for the requisite Chinese clothes for these two and Nellie.
Jerry and Dominic played ping pong and squash. Jerry thought D might have been holding back on him at ping pong and J is pretty good himself!
When you are living in a hotel room , if you don't read books it is electronics to the rescue ! Rosie is watching Disney movie's on computer while playing leapster, Jerry and Dominic are watching English premier league soccer and Yankees baseball. Fortunately, I read books. Which I am going to do now. C


Amanda said...

Keeping you guys in my prayers. Love all the pictures and updates and can't wait to meet them!

Anonymous said...

I recognize the big waterfall in the background. Did you take a red couch picture? We never bought anything at the White Swan, well Tim did once but it was very overpriced. I read all my books and resorted to movies on my lap top too :0). Faith was sick and slept a lot soooo not much else to do. Janet Lescalleet

ScottyLC said...

Glad to see it hear about it all. My big question is do they tap dance? Just thinking ahead...

Wright Family said...

Is there tap dancing in The King and I ?