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Saturday, August 21, 2010

On Our Way Home!

We have added two children, three suitcases and two backpacks since we were last here in HongKong , 17 days ago. At nine o'clock Sunday morning (here) we will get on a plane and travel for about 20 hours and land in Atlanta about 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon (there). It is called gaining a day, but it is something like being outside of time, the way God is.
The one thing I will miss about China, is the food. At a restaurant or noodles in the room -I love it all. I am afraid that the children are going to be very disappointed to go from breakfasts of 6 or 8 kinds of meats , fruits, noodles, juices, pastries with a chef to cook personal omlets to a box of cold cereal. I may have to be more accommodating in the early hours of the day than I am accustomed to ( think they'd settle for pancakes from the freezer, or could my rice cooker keep rice warm if I put it in the night before?)

Only two more flights. When we get home , I will have completed 26 flights in four years. For someone with FOF, I consider that an accomplishment. I keep wondering if maybe I am over it. That won't keep me from taking my Xx, but I might consider a weekend in NYC or two in Amsterdaam....maybe. C, from OUTSIDE the bamboo curtain hooray!


bass family said...

I have LOVED keeping up with you guys on this journey! Praying for you as you travel, looking forward to hearing more when everyone gets home & settled in!

ariel said...

wait what does a weekend in NYC mean?

Wright Family said...

means I'll need a babysitter :)