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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Katrina's Birthday Visit

Katrina came home to celebrate her birthday (26) and meet her new brother and sister. Ric's mother , Chumsi, and brother, Brandon, joined us for a cookout. Everett stopped by for a game for indoor/outdoor hide and seek and Travis and Lindsay brought baby Clara by for a visit.
The children are all doing amazingly well. Dominic and Rosie seem very happy. Rosie is very demonstrative, usually huggy and affectionate, but also quick to tell me no when something doesn't suit her. She is learning that I don't expect to hear no from my children when I tell them to do something :). She is happy to put on clean clothes every day but thinks we shower and wash our hair entirely too often. Dominic is always very helpful and may understand more English than he has been letting on, or else he is learning quickly. We watch movies every night in English, although I bought alot in Chinese, and he watches intently. We alternate boy movies and girl movies - last night was Indiana Jones, tonight is Cinderella. The children play really well together , there is an ebb and flow to who plays with who with no strong alliances. Rosie and Nellie do girl stuff , Rosie and Dominic can talk to each other, the boys do sword fighting and boy play, Nellie and Dominic are equally matched in races in the swimming pool. Nellie has alot of responsiblity to help R and D , especially R, learn the rules of the house and to teach them many many things (like - we sleep under the covers, not on the bedspreads; how to put dishes in and out of the dishwasher; that we take off and hangup our dress after church; we stay in our bedroom when we are sent upstairs to bed; we do not leave the front yard to walk on the sidewalk in front of the house, etc, etc). I was afraid that she might resent all the extra work but she told me today that life is alot more fun since Rosie and Dominic have come. Phew!
Rosie and Dominic begin piano lessons this week - their teacher speaks Mandarin! Dominic has his first doctor's visit and Rosie will see the eye doctor.

I am so grateful how well things are going but I am still tired and find the days long. I feel like I am entertaining company. I want them to enjoy themselves , so I can't quite really relax. I try to make sure they have something to do and like what there is to eat. Tomorrow we start homeschool. R and D's main job this year will be to learn English, Andy needs to become a solid reader and Nellie needs to back up and work on foundations. I want to get them into a routine so that when I get the email that says I can come play at the theater again, they will be ready. Can't wait! C


Amanda said...

What fun! Those are such lovely pictures because you have such a lovely family. :) Everyone seems to be finding their new groove, and I am happy for you guys. :)

bass family said...

I love this! The new picture at the top is fantastic. I am SO pleased your sweet family is getting along so well :)

The Kenworthy's said...

Love all the pics.. I must say I am very impressed with your blogging consistency!! I just want to come to your house and observe all of this fun! My favorite part of speech pathology was teaching ESL to the Chinese students at UT.. oh what a great life you have.. thanks for sharing it.