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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Hero Cheryl W

Cheryl, LiuBo and Isabella arrived in Kunming from the US at one o'clock this morning. After that exhausting flight they slept a little and then spent the rest of the day ministering to Jerry and I and the children. (Background info: Cheryl is the reason we ever came to China at all, see sidebar for more of the story)

We are amazed at Cheryl's ability to negotiate this huge city. She bargained for our purchases and took us to out of the way shops. We had lunch at the coffee shop where Xiao Ping works. It is called Chicago Coffee and is in an area where alot of internationals live. The children ate their first pizza and I drank my first caramel coffee frappe.
I have pouted, grumbled, whined and complained alot during this past year about all of the delays. Tonight it was perfectly clear that there was not a minutia of accident in any of the timing of this trip. For on the very day that Cheryl's family and ours crossed paths in the far reaches of China, the young people at one of China's officially recognized churches met to raise their voices and their hands to worship the One True God and listen to a message from Acts1:8 (when the Holy Spirit comes on you, will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth) and my son and daughter heard the gospel in their own language and joined in the singing. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit...from China ! c


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! Just got major goose bumps afte reading this. That is wonderful that they just got to hear the gospel in their own language and prepare them for much more to come.
Amber Beaty

Anonymous said...

Tears in my eyes! I love this. I would liken to meet Cheryl someday, I have heard so many lovely things about her. I am praying that the children will begin to "feel" more like part of your family every day. Janet Lescalleet

T & L said...

sobs of crying...God's grace is oh so good! Still praying for easy transitions...miss you- love you!

Cathy M said...

Wow, that is amazing and so like our God....but for the children to hear such "good news" that they could understand. He is faithful!

bass family said...

Love this. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I love watching the Lord work in & through your family!

Anonymous said...

Our whole family had tears in their eyes. Be sure to give Cheryl and girls and hug from us.
Talk to A last night, I know that today might be challenging.. Again we lift all of you up to our Father.