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Thursday, August 26, 2010


When Everett is around I find myself constantly saying, "PLEASE, be careful!" while everyone else is laughing.


Beth said...

Use the phrase...

Sh Ow (as is ow it hurts) Shay Dien

It's chinese for "Be careful"!


Wright Family said...

thanks, but the one I am telling to be careful is my 24 year old who only speaks English....I suppose, as he seems so much like Everett in many other ways, I am going to need it with 11 yr old Dominic, too !

Jean said...

Hi Catherine-
The time at home the first couple weeks are very difficult- it is the "awkward time" where you hope those at home will bond or even semi like the new children.

Praying for your family!!
God Bless you! Thank you for stopping by my blog!


bass family said...

Everett cracks me up! Seems like even in our house, the things that the girls think are the most fun are the things that make me cringe and say "BE CAREFUL"! :)