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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Travel Friends


Anonymous said...

Dear Dominic's Mom and Dad,
We have been following your wonderful story and trip because our son met Dominic at the Bring Me Hope camp the end of July!! They were a great match playing basketball, ping-pong, etc. Please ask Dominic about camp and about Josh (our 16 y.o. son) and Mili (their translator). We have lots of great pix to share with you from camp and would love to talk to you some day (via phone or email) when you get back home. Our families are a lot alike...Christians, homeschool, China adoption (we've adopted 2 of our 5 and are working on another adoption now). We have no way to contact you, so please try us once you're home and rested.
We're praying for you all!
Amy Hood (Josh's mom)
903-295-0839 (in Texas)

Wright Family said...

Amy, one of the 1st things he showed us was his awards from camp and pictures. He nodded when I asked him about Josh. We played table tennis here one day, just knocking it around a little bit, and I told Catherine that I felt like he was holding back a little, taking it easy on the old man! :o
We are Jerry and Catherine at
828 524 2208 &
We land in Atlanta in only 50 hours!!!

Anonymous said...

thumbs up!