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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We began the day with Rosie's first introduction to a lavish hotel breakfast. We skipped the pigs ear and chicken paw but found plenty of other more palatable things to try. Jerry liked the sour spicy potatoes but he said there wasn't much sour to them. I am about the least adventurous eater in the world but yesterday but I actually tried a frog casserole. It was a little chewy. As we have one interesting eating opportunity after another I think often of a young couple who are friends of mine, who ate their way through their first year of marriage and I can't help but think that they may enjoy this same experience one day.

After breakfast we spent about three hours at a huge bookstore. Rosie picked out some books for herself - I insisted on a math book or two and we also got nine Disney movies in Chinese. I am afraid when Rosie finds out that Jerry's computer will play them our time on here will be limited.
Can you see the man on the bike beside this bus? The drivers here have to be the most aggressive in the world.
Rosie adored the plane ride. I am so grateful that our guide David sat beside her because she never stopped exclaiming about all the things she saw out the window. I want to pretend that there are no windows and if possible that I am not on a plane.

Actually, although we arrived an hour or so late or flight was uneventful and the food as usual was great.

I think Kunming must be one of the nicest cities in China. The lilies that Rosie is smelling in our hotel lobby are real and filled the air with an amazing fragrance. We expect to do a little shopping in the morning and meet Dominic around two . He will be making a 4 hour drive leaving all his friends behind. The great part is that Cheryl, who he knows will soon be on her way here and I hope he will find it comforting to meet with her and LiuBo after he has been with us for a day.
Now that Rosie is getting more chatty she seems to find it hard to believe that not only can I not understand Chinese, I am unable to read it when she writes it down. So far, I can write things to her on our translator and it will say them to her but since she does not know pinyin well enough to use a keyboard she cannot talk to me unless David is around. I am so glad that she and Dominic will have each other to talk to tomorrow. I know it will probably slow down their English language acquisition but I think it will be very comforting for them.

Time to break out the Disney movies.


bass family said...

Love it! SO glad things continue to go well. Praying for Dominic today!

cjw said...

So who ate their way through their first year of marriage? I know it wasn't Trav and Linds, and I kind of feel like Sarah has enough kids for this year . . .

Cathy M said...

The lilies are must be so awesome to see the wonder in her face as she experiences new things..keep the stories coming and we are keeping the prayers going:)

A+A said...

What an exciting adventure! Can't wait to