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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Consulate Day

We began the day sightseeing at the Chen Family estate, which is a sort of living museum of the arts. We saw people painting inside bottles, demonstrating calligraphy, the tea ceremony, painting, carving and various other local crafts. I am sorry to admit that I am something less than fond of sightseeing, unless I am trying to get my kids to learn something from it. My kids weren't having much to do with me this morning so I spent most of my time in the shops. Mornings tend to be like that for us, with Rosie pushing me away . That is actually fine with me, as I am pretty sluggish and often grouchy in the mornngs. As I type this, she is sitting on my lap. :) A close look at the picutres demonstrates the contrast of old and new , poor and rich, in China. Notice the skyscraper behind Jerry in one picture and the laundry hanging in the other.
This afternoon we went to the American Consulate, where, with 11 other families, we swore that to the best of our knowledge our paperwork was accurate and were told our children would be given a visa to enter the USA. When they step off the plane onto American soil in Detroit they will become US citizens.
Tonight we went out to dinner and then shopped on the bridge(for DVDs) and at the Disney store (most of Dominic's clothes are too small) with our wonderful travel companions Bill and Kathy who will be leaving for home early tomorrow.
While we are sleeping many of you will have the chance to see Steven Curtis Chapman - I sooo wanted to be back for it (almost asked if we could watch it on Skype, but I imagine he has some kind of contractual things that would prohibit it). Ariel will be taking Nellie and Andy. I know it will be great !
One more full day!

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