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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrapping Things Up

Both figuratively and literally.
Tonight we wrapped up Aladdin. What a fun show! It was predominantly a 'school show' with only two evening performances. That means audiences packed with the heightened excitement of 1500 squealing/screaming kids. Aladdins arrival at the back of the theater riding on a lifesized elephant led by the genie was pretty impressive. Everett played the evil Jafar and it was perhaps my favorite of all the roles he has played. It was certainly the most gorgeous costume!


Here's a picture of Jafar and his siblings, the street urchins (Dominic, Nellie, Rosie, Andy).

Jafar and Ariel, another sibling, playing the role of a fan in the lobby after the show.

This is Henry, Jafar's nephew, surrounded by Aladdin and Jasmine.

And as to the literal wrapping - the Christmas presents are nearly all wrapped and under the tree

and these 5 bags each contain a Dec/Jan calendar counting down the 22 days until we return and a wrapped present to open each of those days. Phew! That was 110 presents to wrap and my aching neck is still recovering!

Walking away from the theater tonight was a little sad. There is always a let down after a show, especially one that was put up in less than a month and we didn't begin to get tired of yet.
Now I have practically nothing to distract me from the enormity of what lies before us. We have been on this path to pick up our two new sons in China for over a year now. Tomorrow I will begin to sort through the "stuff" I have accumulated for this time and begin to see how much of it I can fit in our suitcases. We say good-bye on Monday night.

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Sarah said...

So excited for you all! Thinking of you & praying for you!