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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simon's Gotcha Day- not quite Picture Perfect

Our initial meeting with Simon was......difficult, to say the least. When he entered the room with the orphanage workers, he was quietly crying. I totally understand that, I would be, too. After they left, it escalated to wailing while we filled out paperwork and by the time we traveled to the photo office it was a full blown fit, yelling and hitting things. I understood alot of the yelling because it was mostly bu yao mei guo, which is 'NO NO America!...... Our adoption guide, the people at all the offices we visited, as well as people on the phone from the orphanage tried reasoning with him, but the fit went on. We stopped at walmart on the way back to the hotel to pick up a few things to eat and buy a toy and some jeans for Jed , but Simon refused to choose anything. After we got back to the hotel, he continued his fit, through the lobby and up to the room. Jerry and Jed left , to go borrow a screwdriver for his remote control car so I got out a map to try to explain in sign language where China and America are on the globe and that when one is awake the other is sleeping. That captured his interest and we began exploring a world map I downloaded on my Kindle Fire (if i could have brought only one thing on this trip, that would be it! and p.s. I was able to download new apps on it from China, but so far no new books). I told him with my Chinese dictionary app that he was a smart boy and he was old enough to decide whether he went to America. He said he was staying in China. Technically at 11 he is going to have to agree to go and sign his name. I don't know how they will handle it if he still says no tomorrow. I am not sure it would be right to drag an 11 year old, kicking and screaming to America, even if I think it would be best for him. Jerry disagrees. I certainly hope it doesn't come to that.
Anyway, since that conversation, he has been subdued, but pleasant. We went out to dinner and saw some unusual things to eat (notice the frogs!). Jed has been his irrepressible smiley self except for a moment in walmart, when Simon's misery obviously got to him and he quitely asked the guide if America is a good place. She assured him it is.
We could use some prayer. His will, not mine, be done. C


Tracy said...

We are praying for you all! I am sure he is scared, poor boy, and sometimes the kids are told horrible things about America ( maybe he was maybe he wasn't) but I am sure he is scared. Praying for peace for all of you and for Gods sovereign touch upon your new Sons!
Tracy W

joyce said...

We are praying and I have called and put you on every prayer request list I can think of. Hugs to you,my sister and brother.. love you.. Keep us posted..

Jean said...

Saying prayers for all of you. I understand how Simon feels- the whole thing is so scary. Hopefully he will see Jed's reaction and begin to relax and enjoy his new family

Blessings on your journey!

Donna said...

Praying for you all. I so hope he changes his mind and is brave enough to go with you willingly. I can only imagine how hard this is for him and for you all. Praying!

Sarah said...

oh bless his puffy red eyes! And that Jed - I can't believe the joy in that boy! Praying for you all!

joyce said...

5;24 our time-12/29 want you to know I am praying. I hope for a update soon, and that Simon has a change of heart. Know that so many love ones are praying, and thinking of all of you. Ah, to feel so helpless on this side of earth.Holding you all up in the Lords hands.