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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nutcrackers at Christmas ??

For many years, our family was involved, one way or another , with the Nutcracker Ballet. Camila danced in it with several different companies, beginning with the role of Clara when she was 12. Many of the rest of us joined her in various capacities. Jerry and I played the host family for a few years. Jay and Travis accompanied Camila in Arabian several times, either rolling her out of a rug or carrying her in on their shoulders. We have had children in the party scene and even rats (Ariel played both).
So, although we have tried to be relative purists about the way we celebrate Christmas (we have never done Santa, didn't even have a tree until a couple of years ago and have five Nativity sets), we have picked up a Nutcracker or two over the years - just to commemorate the performances of course ;-) .

Until now, I haven't even tried to explain to the new Chinese kids what they have to do with Christmas. I just left them in the category of the many crazy things Americans do (I know they are still wondering why we have drawers and drawers full of clothing that needs to be washed, folded and MATCHED !). So when the Moscow Ballet came to our theater, I decided to take everyone (Jerry was out of town). It was a festive opening to the Christmas season, if not exactly the spiritual high point.
I expect the Annie Moses Band concert next week will bring the message of Christmas that we want the children to hear.

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Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen your family members in the Nutcracker... at the Fine Arts Center!

Scott took Maggie this year and she really enjoyed it.