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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Urumqi

We awoke a tad early this morning to enjoy skyping with the children while they were enjoying our traditional Christmas eve celebration- when the siblings give gifts to each other. There are alot of them, so the gifts are not lavish, but the merriment is. I think the hit of the night (at least in my mind) was Everett and Kathryn's gift to Clara of a doll and stroller. Clara spends alot of hours being pushed around town by her mom and it is obviously a 'like mother like daughter' situation. The children's favorite might have been Travis and Lindsay's gift to them of a drum set. I told Lindsay that I will pay her back one day.
Everett warned me that I should wait to put my mascara on, and of course he was right - it was hard to see all of them and not be able to put my arms around them!
After praying with them, the little kids went to bed and Jerry and I went down to breakfast. We had to laugh to find Minnie and Santa greeting us on Christmas morning ! The breakfast buffet is not your typical western fare.

We try to be a little daring but some things are definitely outside our comfort zone!

This is in a Muslim neighborhood near our hotel. Although the temperature was below zero today, commerce went on as briskly as usual and these men were outside cooking food that looked amazing.

I must have been right about that mix up between Santa's elves and the Seven Dwarves. This was the scene in our hotel lobby tonight.

We have spoken to our adoption guide and he is coming to our hotel at 9 o'clock tonight to help us with some paperwork and give us the plan for tomorrow. While you are finishing Christmas dinner we may be headed to meet Jed ! Merry Christmas !


Sarah said...

Thinking of you & praying for you! Merry Christmas!

Mother's Heart said...

I had to laugh at the elves and the dwarfs all mingled China! We can't wait to hear your 'gotcha' story AND pix. Thanks for sharing you journey!

cjw said...

We want to know the name of the red noodles that mom was eating on December 25th in the photo with Dad. Dominic will give me $100 if I make them for him

Anonymous said...

Dominic Did not said give La-La $100 is 100%

The end

Have nice Day

good bye

Love Dominic 999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999%

rosie shi song wright said...

hi mom and pa-pa I miss you so mucah I love the watch you gave me for christmas presents and the Lego' s alot and hello kitty jewelry box and the calender and we have fun on christmas day do you and pa-pa have fun in china? today ariel cut my hair and it is beautiful and we have new tooth brushes that have blinking lights and it is beautiful I love it the end
I love you and pa-pa
from: rosie :)

Nellie said...

Hi mom and dad I miss you so much how is Simon is he happy to be in our family now. I love all the things you got for me and Rosie. I love the cross necklace and ear rings you gave me. I am so happy to be getting two new brothers.I have had so much fun watching Jay and Amber and the others at the shoot range.One time when we were there they found a orange and on Linsay first try shot the orange it bursted to pieces .Sum of the guns were realy loud and sum were not as loud as the others.I love the Hello Kitty box. We had so much fun on christmas eve and on christmas day. Thank you for the Hello Kitt tooth brush you got me that flashes red. Love,Nellie