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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Terra Cotta Warrior Day

Here is our first family picture ! Simon hasn't gotten the 'smile for the picture' thing, but as you'll see, I captured a few smiles when he wasn't expecting it. (BTW they don't say 'cheese' here, but rather 'pomegranite', or perhaps I have confused that with another fruit.hmm) The Chinese call the Terra Cotta Warriors, the eighth wonder of the world, and anyone who has seen them would probably agree. The wonder to me is all that work and artistry was deliberately hidden under the ground for no one to see. or ever find. Some farmers were digging a well and discovered it. It was a great place to visit with 10 year old boys. As expected, Simon read everyword and evesdropped on some of the tour guides who were speaking in Chinese (our was speaking English) and Jed skipped through happily, occassionally stopping to look and study something.

Tonight we will go back and forth ( I hope ) between the New Year celebrations at the Xian Temple and an important Manchester soccer game.

As a first course they chose Spagetti (I had fried rice, Jerry went straight to the ice cream course.) The boys finished up with ice cream for the second day in a row. I sense a change in diet awaiting us back in NC. For the last year, since we've had Dominic and Rosie we have eaten rice nearly every day. These two Northern Chinese boys are 'noodle boys'. And I don't mean the rice noodles that I have come to love, but heavy hand made wheat noodles. (David Rusch are you out there??)


Sammy said...

Great to see the family having fun!

Anonymous said...

good luck on your journey. We brought home an older boy and after 18 months we disrupted the adoption. We finally realized that God did not mean for us to be this child's forever family but a vehicle to bring him together with his family.

We aren 't sure why God chose us to walk that journey but he did. Our family is stronger because of it.

Much strength to all of you.

Tara Monks said...

How wonderful to see the smiles after the tough first day! Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Have been praying for your family! Glad to see the boys adjusting. We'll be in Xi'an next Sunday to pick my new 5 year old son. All the best from New York!
Heather : )

chinamomof2 said...

So beautiful to see your boys as they weave there way into your family. Our northern China boy also loves noodles of every shape and size but also likes rice pretty well now, too. I picture lots of both in your future! Happy New Year! We are looking forward to bringing home our 13 year old boy in January.