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Monday, December 26, 2011

Jed's Gotcha Day - Picture Perfect !

Jed is exactly the smiley, adorable rascal we thought he would be ! Our first meeting was textbook perfect. We were running a few minutes late to the Civil Affairs office and we heard that his car was also, due to the terrible smog/fog slowing down traffic (he had about a two hour drive, ours was about 10 minutes). As we emerged from the elevator he was standing alone in the hall. As he saw us, he gave us a look of recognition and I gave him a big smile and a little wave, not wanting to be too 'pushy'. I was surprised and delighted when he ran right to me and gave me a big hug!

Even through a rather boring day of hours and hours of waiting in many offices while mountains of paperwork were completed he has remained affectionate and good natured.
He is tiny, no bigger than Andy, but he orphanage director says he loves all sports and is good at them. She also told us again that he is 'knotty' (did I say 'rascal' ?)

We ate at our first Muslim restaurant and enjoyed the famous Xinjiang noodles and Shishkabob (somehow that doesn't look like it is spelled right but I don't even have a guess how to fix it)

Unfortunately, this is what most of jed's first day with us looked like. I was so glad I downloaded all those apps on my Kindle Fire ! I don't know what most of them are, but he didn't have any trouble figuring them out ! At the moment he is laying on his bed watching Clifford the Big Red Dog with Chinese subtitles, although he has already watched about 10 minutes each of all the Chinese movies I brought. Not sure if it is short attention span or just a desire to investigate everything ! He is giggling - it's as cute as his dimples!

Later tonight we will Skype with his new siblings for the first time and tomorrow we fly to Xian - his first plane ride and I'll be half way through flying for this trip !


Andrew and Anneke said...

Loved reading all your posts! He looks like a joy.

life of scikki said...

So excited for you all, Catherine! I have to admit I have gotten completely choked up in reading your blogs. We can't wait to meet the two blessings and we are so happy for you. Scotty is so glad to hear you all have had a little "Disney" in your Christmas as well :) Blessings to you and keep the blogs coming!!!

Mother's Heart said...

So sweet...he came running up to you...I'm crying...'pinch me' right? is good. Congratulations on your 'gotcha day'. This is what dreams are made of!

Sarah said...

So happy for you all!!

The Kenworthy's said...

Who can read this without crying!! So amazing. He is so adorable and looks and though he will bring even more spunk to the Wright house!

Kathryn Elizabeth Coppage said...

It is SO exciting to read all of your updates! What a blessing to have such a smooth and perfect pickup day with Jed! I hope the same goes for Simon. I cannot wait to meet these boys when you two get home. :) Stay warm and stay safe! Continued prayers are coming your way!

Pam said...

I have loved reading your updates~ both by email and on the blog! So, so happy to see how beautifully Jed's gotcha day went! One boy in your arms and one to go! God is SO good.