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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Wrights are Bright in China

Sorry for the corny title, but Jerry said that was to be our title for this blog and you all know what a submissive wife I am. :-) Someone on one of my yahoo groups suggested dressing alike to make your new child feel a part of the family. Our guides (the 2 Chinese women beside Jerry) like our shirts because it made us easy to find. Ariel has already told us that we may NOT wear these shirts back in the US. We'll see....
Today we went to the zoo. We have an environmental scientist in our group who must have been uncomfortable with some of the animals living conditions but , hey, at some zoos in America the animals live in such luxury that they are hidden in the woods and you never see them. If you look very carefully in the pictures you will see a real Chinese panda bear who stood up to look at us as we took his picture. We have decided to skip the Pearl river boat dinner cruise tonight as 3 hrs confined at a table is more than we think these boys can endure .
Even though Cheryl hasn't been able to be with us (she got new house parents in her first house) we get to talk for free on Skype everyday and it has been fun being in touch so regularly. She is hoping to get a blogspot soon so that we will all be able to follow her amazing life. We have been very worried about the package we brought reaching her, but arrived yesterday safe and sound. She was especially thrilled with Joyce's quilts, she says she wants one for her bed (Joyce, we'll talk about that when I get home).
We received a package today filled with videos in chinese that tell some important true stories about creation and other stories from the book. We are sure that Andy does not know any of these stories and don't want to wait until he is fluent for him to know them.
By the way, Andy has no trouble understanding that we are a family and belong together..When we leave the room if Jerry or I get separated by more than a few yards he has a fit. It is wonderful to me how much we are able to communicate. Today a boy in our group who has lived with his American family in Shanghai for the last two years told us that the word that Andy repeats over and over (that we thought was an attempt at saying hello Ae Oh) actually means WOW! or Isn't that Amazing. Maybe Sunday when we are home we can sing Ae Oh I receive your goodness Ae Oh I receive your grace and add a little Chinese to our service....can't wait to see you all.....When I think of the love and support we have received from so many people I say with Andy, Ae Oh..and I cry.


Anonymous said...

I jump on here every morning to see if you left a new blog, highlight of the day.
We had Amber this afternoon,enjoyed having a little girl around. She showed me all the little gifts you left her.
Yes, Cherl will get a quilt for her bed, no question about it!Can't wait till you are all home safely. joyce and scott

Cathy M said...

I will put that request in for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I loved jerry's response to Emily's post regarding all the children, go Jerry! We have missed you and are looking forward to meeting exciting! Cathy

PS Catherine, praying for the flight home:)

T & L said...

Come home safetly! We can't wait to see you!

cjw said...

That's adorible. Tell Dad to put this blogsite on the top of his next email because many local people are only getting the emails.

Mother's Heart said...

Love the t-shirts...shocked to see you wearing always suprise me Catherine!
I am loving reading the blogs and talking to you on Skype. You must have still been shopping last night at 10pm when I couldn't reach you. The stores stay open late here!...just for people like you Catherine!
Joyce's baby quilts are beyond are the beautiful nightgowns and matching baby doll gowns. We were going to have a 'tea party' for all the girls this afternoon...15 of them...but the gov called and there is a little girl we need to go meet...bless her in a hotel with her grandparents. There are just so many in need right now...and the stories get more sad by the day.
Your blogs are just so informative. I'm so happy for Andy. He'll get all that he needs for here on out. Some day you'll know the impact you've made...when He says 'Well done thou good and faithful servant'. I marvel at you guys...even in your tie died t-shirts!
Lots of love, Cheryl