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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The neighborhood, the alley, playing mah jong

Today when we arrived at the Jiangs, the men were in the living room playing mahjong. Gambling games of all kinds seem to be a national passion. We walk by many open doors in our hotel and see people inside playing games. After another huge meal they resumed their game and we went back to an airconditioned room for a nap. tonight Rics grandmother, aunt and cousin (our translator) went to church to pray - the best I could understand something to do with Mary. I may have been invited, but I am not sure. We are so glad for this Christian family, even though they may be a slightly different flavor than us. Tomorrow we may be moving far across town to stay with Rics maternal (buddhist) grandparents...we may not have internet connection there so we may be out of touch for a few days...


T & L said...

Wow - Air conditioning, they have it better in China than You do in america - They are so lucky - maybe with the help of communism, you could one day have that too. -Travis

Cathy M said...

Ok Travis....only you could think up that kind of humor....cute! Cathy