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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tianjin at last!!!

After a mere 2 short plane flights (not that any flying is mere to me) we have arrived in what seems to be western civilization. We are at the Holiday Inn Tianjin,complete with hot showers, western mattresses, flush toilets and occassional people who understand English....not to mention airconditioning!!!! It couldn't be more lovely , our guide is very sweet and totally accommodating and we are wildly excited about going to the orphanage to get Andy tomorrow.
We had a great time with Ric's family - especially yesterday when Ric's Uncle Chu took us shopping in the small town where Rics mom's family lives. We found lots of great buys for Ric and Andy and of course were total celebrities all day, being the only westerners. At night we went to a park playground where I briefly joined in to a sort of Chinese line dancing done by women and old men ( I'm not sure if this has replaced the more traditional tai chi). Of course we were fed almost constantly.Jerry is going try to add more pix - I hope he can get the street dentist working on someone's teeth.
Pray for Cheryl , it looks like we may not be able to see her because she has to make a 20 hour drive into the wilderness to take home the house parents from her first home because, apart from God's intervention, the father will die soon.

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