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When He calls, He always enables.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From China

We have made it safely to Fuzhou,Fujian where Rics family lives. Our flight from Atlanta to Shanghai was lovely because since it wasn't nearly full, we had six seats to ourselves with me facing the bulkhead(I do Not like to look out) and having tons of legroom and play room for Ric. Today was a day of the remarkable contrasts that are China. This morning we ate a delicious breakfast in the atrium garden of the Shanghai Hilton. It felt like something out of a novel -perhaps F Scott Fitzgerald,
without the hats. This afternoon we flew to Fuzhou and were welcomed by Ric's aunt,cousin,and grandfather. They took us to drop our things off at our hotel and then we all got in two bicycle taxis for the drive to their home for dinner. I love bicycle taxis except when confronted by cars or buses. Rics cousin turned 20 today and speaks some English which helps alot. I am so glad we get to see this part of China because I believe it is the Real China, unlike the westernized version we will see in the two other cities we visit.


T & L said...

thanks for updating - we were getting worried not hearing from you guys. no henry yet.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is about time. love, k

Cathy M said...

YEah.........the prayers worked for the flight!!!!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated......continuing to pray. Give Cheryl a hug for us! C Makinson