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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

China says he is ours !

Today we visited the provincial office, a notary, the police department and promised them to take good care of Andy and never abandon him and signed many papers and he gave his fingerprints and now, according to China at least, he is ours. We have to wait now until they finish processing his Chinese passport.
Andy continues to be a smiley, happy boy and he and Ric play very well together (or at least side by side).
One of the books I read (The Children, old but I highly recommend it if you are adopting) said that this is about the time I would start having worries about the uncertainties ahead. I am a pretty average person so I am having them right on schedule. Today they center around the unusual shape of Andy's head - is it from the way he slept as a baby, or could it be something worrisome?...I have been encouraged when I remember how amazingly Travis and Lindsay handled their recent concern about Henry's heart. Lindsay said "I gave myself completely over to God's plan for myself and my family." So much wisdom from such a young woman. It is the very best thing any of us can do. Thank you all for your prayers.

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Cathy M said...

Yeah.....can't wait to see and meet glad he and Ric are enjoying each other...continuing to pray for all the logistics! Cathy