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When He calls, He always enables.

Monday, July 28, 2008

We have TA !!!!!!!

We got the call from our agency today - we have been given travel approval by the Chinese government!!!! Technically that means we could leave tomorrow. However we also have to work with the US consulate in China. The last thing we do before we leave China is get permission from them to bring him home(a US visa). We have heard that the earliest available appt with them is August 25. So, counting backwards the days we need in Guangzhou, Tianjin (where we get Andy), and Fuzhou (where we visit Rics grandparents) we now expect to leave around August 11th and return the 26th, exactly the time table I have been searching flights for the last three days. There has been, about this trip, such a strong feeling of being clearly led by God. So many things are different from what we originally expected when we began to adopt 2 other boys two years ago (when we thought only Jerry would go to get them) but everything about this feels soooo right. Which helps my Very Fearful self to be at peace. (I'm not saying I'd turn down an offer of someones antianxiety medecine for those plane flights however..8>) I'm writing from Lindsay and Travis's where I just found the sheet I have been looking for for Andy's bed (red, the last thing I needed, I think)


Kim said...

Hello. Congratulations on your TA! I saw your post on Wanda's site, and you said you thought this day would never come, so I just had to see your blog. That is how I am feeling. We have been waiting for our LOA since March with no reason for a delay, and I am trying so hard not to be afraid that this will never happen. Your family is beautiful. Love, Kim

Cheryl said...

I got to your blog site....miracles of miracles...thanks Jerry! Wow, it's really're nearly on your way to your 'forever day' with Andy. And yes, it just feels so right...this little boy. I love his room Catherine...great job. His eyes will pop out when he sees it and then once he realizes it is his. I hope to see you in Guangzhou...I'm looking at flights but waiting to see when this team comes for sure...want so much to meet Andy here in China. Rejoice!

Kim said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I hope it happens that way for me too. It really feels like it will never happen. I know there is only so much that an agency can do, but after such a long wait, I feel like someone should start fighting for us. I am a fighter for my children,and I am helpless now. Thank you again, Kim