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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rumors of TA

Today is Jerry's birthday (yesterday was Jay's, last week was Everett's and as you know, Andy's). I got an email from our agency today that they expect to receive 6 TAs next week and ours should be among them!!!! I am having a hard time breathing. That means we could leave a few short weeks from now. I think there are still a million things to do but at the moment I can't remember any of them. We could possibly be back before school starts for Ariel and Amber , which would be wonderful. Camila and maybe Katrina and Amanda will be managing them while we are gone. I am so excited!!
Tonight is the Fire Dept picnic when the kids get to ride around town on the back of the trucks. I can't watch ( I am a wreck seeing my kids up there. Ric will be INSIDE a truck) but I'l try to post a pix before they leave.

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nikki said...

How exciting!!! May the Lord bless you all in this journey!!! What a wonderful answer to prayer!
-Nikki C.-