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Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is the treasured piece of paper we have been awaiting. It is an official document from China asking if we really want to adopt Zheng Li Wei. OF COURSE WE DO !!! We received a call from our agency July 8, saying they had it. They overnighted it to us and we signed it and overnighted it back.
The next paper we need is TA - approval to travel and pick up the child. We can leave anytime after it arrives, but that could be 2 weeks or 6 weeks so we are not supposed to book our flights until we have it. We (Jerry Catherine and Ric)will each have 6 passport pix taken on Monday and send them with our passports to a courier who will hand deliver them to the Chinese Embassy and return it all with our visas (permission from China to come to their country).
This is crunch time. The time to get everything ready in the house, assemble clothes toys snacks etc for the suitcases and be ready for the call. I aleady have some adorable matching outfits for Ric and Andy. Yesterday I got them Car PJs..there will be lots of photo opps in China.. (okay I know they aren't girls but they can still be cute, right?)


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! You finally updated your page. I was trying to comment the other day and say you needed to write a post but i could not leave a comment because you werent letting anonymous people leave comments. i just changed that setting so i could leave comments but if you want to change it back you can. we are spending our last day in LV and fly out tonight at 11pm. if you want to visit we will be in the atlanta airport for a couple hours tomorrow morning. love, kiki

Wright Family said...

sorry we'll miss you in Atlanta...lovemom