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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Wei Wei

Today is Andy's birthday. He is now seven. We had very much hoped to have him here to celebrate his birthday. Probably for him this day passed like any other day. In China, only the first birthday and the sixtieth are really celebrated. I did send him a package which should have arrived around this time. It contained more pictures of our family and toys from Cracker Barrel and Sugar Daddies and some other candy to share with his friends. Our only other package for him was hand delivered (in March, when we were still very uncertain whether China would allow us to adopt him) by a dear friend who put it directly in his hands. In fact, because this is a great orphanage we even have a video of him opening it! Often when parents send gifts to orphanages they are not even sure if their children get the things they send.

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