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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ric's first violin lesson

Our wonderful violin teacher, Cathy Arps, will no longer be coming over the mountain to teach lessons. This year I have three children ready to begin lessons ( and a fourth when Andy gets just a little calmer - he can carry a tune beautifully, but isn't quite ready to be careful with a violin). The plan for the moment is for Everett, Ariel and I to get them going and join Cathy's students for recitals in Sylva. Our new bows have arrived, so we will begin at the Chinese restaurant this week with Brandon and Rachel. Anyone who knows anything about my musical abililty must be laughing (it took at least three years for me to tell the e string from the a string)...but after sitting through about 15 years of Suzuki lessons I must have picked up something...or at least that is what I am counting on. Unfortunately, I quit playing the violin many years ago to try the viola so I have a lot of brushing up to do....I will be heavily counting on Everett and Ariel , who can both actually PLAY the violin.

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