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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ariel needs at least 17 insects for her biology class. If you would all please begin carrying a ziplock bag so that you will be prepared if you encounter a great specimen. Thanks.


Jerusha said...

When do you need them? Aren't you in Hotlanta? If I find something spiffy, I might be able to mail it to you.

--Susan (Baker) Farmer

(I play in the SCA -- hence the Jerusha -- it was set up Long Ago and Far Away -- most of my blogger friends do to, you wee .....)

Cathy M said...

You are too funny! We will be camping this weekend so if I see anything interesting I will KILL it and bring it to you...OR does it have to be alive? Cathy

Wright Family said...

we prefer them dead...Thanks..Catherine

Wright Family said...

actually we are in the nc mountains north of atlanta.. one of our kids is in atlanta..what is the sca?...C

Jerusha said...

You know the Civil War Guys? We're sorta like them except we do the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It's kinda like a Ren-Faire, except we're not a "spectator sport."