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When He calls, He always enables.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Gee, but its great to be back home..Home is where I want to be e ..I've been on the road so long my friend .........and those are all the words I know to that song , but they are enough to express the way we all feel....we are nearly recovered from jet lag ( no one can tell me why it is soooo much worse coming back - is it going west to east or happening so soon after a previous jet lag or just not being as keyed up going home) although we are still going to bed and waking up pretty early for us......Andy is still very sweet and it is amazing how much he already understands (not so many words, but in the context of daily life - I just told him to put his cookie wrapper in the trash and he did it!! not perhaps because he knew individual words, but because my response was expected)..He is trying to say many words. His enunciation is not great because of the cleft but his tones make it easy for me to figure out what he means. This afternoon he came through the kitchen pushing a shopping cart saying 'good morning' - so while he doesn't understand the exact meaning, he understands it is a form of greeting. He will have a doctor and dentist appointment soon, but we may not be able to get in to the cranio facial clinic to find out what his real issues are until after Christmas.
Speaking of doctor's - they seem to be our lot in life at the moment - Ariel has sports related back problems that are keeping her sidelined , I am waiting somewhat anxiously to visit Camila's cardiologist and of course we are all eagerly waiting for Henry to come out.

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