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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Design Flaws

I always think anything is possible and there's probably an easy way to do it. Having strong Ge Ges (big brothers ) helps alot. Jay brought home the railroad ties and sand and Everett made the sandbox with the boys cheering him on. In retrospect, it IS possible I should have thought about it a little longer. Everett wondered if it mattered if it was level - it didn't matter to me. Jay wondered if the boys would get filthy on the railroad ties - oh well, I had already paid for them. It LOOKS great - should I cover the rr ties with polyurethane - would it ever dry? For the moment, I am going to consider it finished and move on to another project ( unless it rains and the sand slides out the one corner that isn't exactly sitting on the ground) ;-)


emily said...

oh my goodness, you are brave! Sand, sand EVERYWHERE!! do you have an outside shower????

David and Sarah said...

Looks good to me! Congratulations on your precious new son.