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Sunday, August 7, 2011


This week Dominic, Rosie, and Nellie were in Narnia. They love the movie and have cast themselves as various main characters in much of their play. In the stage version, they had to be satisfied to play an eagle and water fairies (nyads).

The props and staging were pretty amazing, so they were happy just being a part of the show. Considering that a year ago Rosie and Dominic still lived in a Chinese orphanage, the very fact that they could speak enough English to make it through the audition is impressive !

Andy, everyones favorite audience member, even got to experience the wonder of fog made by dry ice for a few minutes.

Everett played a very sweet Tumnus and a centaur created by to walk like a real horse.

Now that Narnia is over the kids are already excited about the next show. Dominic prayed tonight that it would 'come soon'. Earlier this week, Andy came in to the kitchen and announced "Only nine more days !". I asked, "Nine more days til what ?" "Nine more days until Wizard of Oz auditions!"

So mark your calendars for auditions on Aug 15. Hooray, it's a musical ! And it is going to be huge ! Tickets are on sale at the box office or at .

On the adoption front - we are still waiting for the next piece of paper from China. We had hoped to get it in June, we are still waiting. So are our sons.

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