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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

warning- no cute kid pictures

When my wonderful, only sister invited me to join her visiting my parents in Florida (no kids allowed) I barely gave it a second thought. After homeschooling her kids, Cher has now become a Disney princess, booking Disney vacations and exploring the whole D empire, while I have never spent a week without Jerry and the kids. I wasn't sure I really wanted to. Eventually, I began to realize that I shouldn't pass up an opportunity to spend time with my very wonderful parents.
Ariel and Jerry have very graciously managed my responsibilities at home and I have been able to talk to the kids on Skype so I have not worried (too much) about being away. Ariel is one of the most organized people I have ever known and has been able to get the kids to their piano lessons and sports practices, Ric to school, homeschool the kids, grocery shop and basically step into my shoes beautifully.

I am so grateful. The trip has been fabulous - filled with great conversations, eating, swimming, and sun, with a little shopping thrown in ;) . Ariel's car, which has 237,000 miles on it, made it without a glitch ( good thing, because it has a few things to haul back home).

As much as I have enjoyed this, I am so grateful that this is not my life. I love being with Jerry and my kids and I wouldn't trade my life with anyone in the world. That said, we have decided we need to schedule this as a yearly event. Hope that is okay with everyone in NC.


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you got this time w/ your sister & parents! how special!

The Kenworthy's said...

I think this is so totally deserve it more than anyone I know!

Andrew and Anneke said...

Looks like FUN!!!!

adoption journey said...

You haven't blogged in awhile! What's up these days?