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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Reason for Two

When you are in the midst of all the miserable paperwork for an international adoption, it is helpful to keep in contact with other people who are walking the same path. They can give you advice and console you when you have a glitch, as you inevitably will. Some of these people are just beginning the process and haven't been matched with a child yet, so there are frequently conversations about specific waiting children whose pictures may be seen on various blogs and agency websites. People say things like " have you seen Davey on so and so's new list? Isn't he adorable?" So of course, you go over to so and so's new list to look at Davey and while you are there you see pictures of 10, 20 , 30, other children who wait ( of the 2000 plus on Chinas special needs list at any one time). You know that many of these will never be chosen, but when you find a Special One, you go to all your blogs and you say "did you see Kent, on Agency's new list?" hoping that someone else will see what you have seen and choose Him. And so I did. For two boys. The first was last fall, for Simon, from our agency's list. The second one, in January, was this boy, posted by another agency, from the shared list. I fell in love with those dimples. I said , "see him, isn't he cute?" and many agreed. But, it turned out that he was meant for us. We are rejoicing !

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