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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chinese New Year

The Chinese part of our family, Ric's mom and Dad, invited us to their house to celebrate Chinese New Year. Ric's brother Brandon, also lived with an American family for many years, until recently. Rachel, the blonde, is his American sister. My children, (two of whom speak Chinese) Nellie, Dominic, and Andy are Ric's American siblings. Brandon, Ric's Chinese brother, does not speak any Chinese. lol

We began our celebration, as they would in China, watching some of the day long TV programing which would include, singing, dancing, acrobats, and magic shows.

The younger children played games while the older ones kept in touch with their world.
Ariel was pretty unhappy that she no longer maintains the 'child' label and wasn't invited to fill a bag with goodies, which include red envelopes filled with varying amounts of good old American dollars.

The real highlight of Chinese New Year, of course, is the food, much of which you will never see at a Chinese restaurant !

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Sarah said...

how fun! it's a multi-culture experience at its finest :)