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Monday, April 6, 2009

random thoughts

Andy took us to Beijing during the Olympics and to Chapel Hill for the NCAA basketball championship game - not that we saw either one except on TV, but we enjoyed the atmosphere. I have had children for 31 years and this is only my second hospital stay with any of them (Katrina had MRSA a few years ago). I love institutional food - see us fighting over Andy's tray while I am pretending to feed him. Andy must be feeling a little better, he is starting to get more demanding -he even watched a little tv this evening. I want to talk Jerry into going to see the Chinese acrobats in Pigeon Forge in July - its free for kids sdopted from China. Is anyone else planning to go? Where are you staying?...They have told us we can go home tomorrow. The nurse is going to show me how to wash his hair first. He has to take showers instead of baths for awhile, can't dive into a swimming pool or play football but other than that he has no restrictions.

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Marjorie said...

wow!!! WOW!!! Home tomorrow?!? How awesome is that?!? I'm thrilled for you guys! He looks awesome. I had thought the roundness was his helmet but his head is round now...even with all the swelling. amazing! Maddie is glad he doesn't have those "scary silver things" in his head like Sophie does. lol the hair style. ;)