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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going Home - From Franklin Street to Franklin

When I picked Andy and Jerry up at the hospital, Andy still looked pretty miserable. We tried to get a smile for the camera, but he would not cooperate. As we closed the door, drove away, and popped in the "Seussical the Musical" CD, we got our first smile. In just a few minutes, Andy was our old talkative boy, singing loudly with the music. As we reached the first traffic light, police were blocking the intersection at Franklin Street and we got to see the National Champion University of North Carolina TarHeels, escorted by motorcycle police, state troopers, lights on, sirens blaring! At the moment we are driving through a beautiful, snowny blizzard (hopefully the last we will see this year) and listening to 'Seussical' for the third time. We are all very happy. Catherine

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