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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wright Company in DC

Several members of the Wright Company recently had the opportunity to visit Washington, DC.  We were in Virginia to move Katrina (who has finished her pharmacy residency) back to NC.   While there,  Ariel herded her younger siblings to a photo op at the Smithsonians Air and Space Museum. 

On our third night at Katrina's,  my cell phone started buzzing , with a warning that there was a tornado in the area and to urge us to take cover immediately.  It was a first for us and we were pretty skeptical, particularily since we weren't seeing anything online about tornadoes and we weren't even sure it knew where I was. Since Katrina had a relatively clean basement, I persuaded everyone to join me down there for a game of UNO.  After awhile we got bored and went back upstairs.   It wasn't until we heard the news the next day that we realized that the warning was the real thing.

      Some of the children pretended they were frightened.  They were actually making fun of me for making them go down there.
Ric has been talking alot lately about adventures.  I think we had one.

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