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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Several times a year, our family gets the opportunity to play at the Smokey Mountain Center for Performing Arts.   That means, for a month or so, the kids pack up their computers and school books to attend a wonderful sort of 'theater charter school'.    While I am sewing costumes, they do their regular school work and also often get to help out a little (like painting sets) and learn about the magic of an amazing state of the art theater.  This is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of mine that I never, ever, expected to be realized ( but more onthat in another post)
Our most recent show was Peter Pan. The Wright family was well represented.  Lindsay, played Tiger Lily, with Andy and Kathryn as members of her tribe.  Dominic was initially delighted to be a pirate, until he saw he would be dressed as a chinaman with a pigtail. He is very easy going, though, so he didn't complain (much) and was happily compensated by getting to have a sword.

Everett was a lost boy and had his hair dyed pink for the role.  (Which he had the sense to be embarrassed about when he had to make an unexpected visit to the emergency room.)

Travis worked onstage as a pirate and backstage as Wendy's chief flyer.  It was a bit disappointing to discover that flying isn't as much fun as it looks.  Everyone who has tried it has said that those harnesses hurt !  So now you know.

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