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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Growing Family

We had a wonderful Christmas ! All the kids were here and we had the first white Christmas in many many years - it was Julia's first ever. We had so much (7-9 inches so far) that Ryan and Julia can't get their car out to get back to Atlanta so we will get to enjoy them one more day.
After each getting dozens and dozens of presents (there is Some advantage to having all these siblings) on Christmas eve and Christmas day Rosie asked me last night if there would be more tomorrow. lol I guess when you are an optimist you believe that amazingly wonderful things can continue indefinitely. Rosie told me that her foster mother told her she should come with us to the 'beautiful paradise'. In spite of a few unpleasant doctor visits, some school work and having to help with chores, maybe she thinks she has finally arrived.
I confess that I did torture everyone on Christmas day by making them dress in Red (can you believe it? when some people look So Terrible in red) and taking family pictures. Nellie made everyone adorable red hats, Rosie wrote everyone's name on their shirts and I bought the matching pants (Dominic and Andy made Russian tea for everyone). Getting 20 people to look happy all at once when they are hot, smushed and their mother is standing on a table yelling at them is probably not possible, but, in my opinion at least, was worth a try. And all that red will look so good with my curtains. So much for paradise.


bass family said...

Love it! what a beautiful family you have :) Merry Christmas!

Mother's Heart said...

Well, they smiled pretty you just have to Photoshop yourself into the picture....which I how I did it last year with our big family here. Imagine getting 46 people all to smile at the same time....forget it!
I think our friend took 400 pictures and nar a one with everyone I just picked the best one of myself and my two girls! You guys all look so cute!