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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I was awakened early this morning by Andy , telling me that it snowed last night! Some years we go all winter without ever having enough to go sledding, so we get pretty excited about it. We managed to scrounge up enough snowclothes for everyone and had a great time in the yard of a neighbor. I discovered what a great yard she had for sledding when I went to a yardsale there after her death. We have lived here almost thirty years and I had no idea what a treasure was across the street. It is possible that she might not have welcomed my multitude of children. I prefer to think that she just never thought about it.
Rosie told me early today that it never snows in China. We had a nice teachable moment, with a globe about the climate near the equator and the climate at the poles, looking at maps of China and the USA and talking about where it snows. She only went to school through second grade so I wasn't totally surprised by what she said, although I did wonder if there are second graders in Florida who think it doesn't snow in America. I was pretty proud of myself for explaining it so that she seemed to understand - At least until, after playing outside the kids came in for hot chocolate and I heard Dominic,who completed fourth grade in China, in the kitchen telling Everett, 'it no snow in China'. Time to get the globe down again.


bass family said...

I LOVE IT!! What fun!!

Melissa, Ryan and Everest said...

Hi there, I'm Melissa. Thanks so much for your kindness on our serendipity blog :) ! What is your e-mail address? To answer your question - we are hoping to be able to re-use our dossier but we have not heard back on it yet. We are petitioning China on it but we are just over one year from coming home.