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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cooking Out

Last Saturday, after working out in the yard , we let the kids cook hotdogs out in the yard. We had to dodge a few raindrops, but the kids are now addicted. Our grown sons Jay (who got engaged this week) and Everett stopped by to join us.
Take a look at that view. Isn't it gorgeous? And we live in town !! We live in the most beautiful place in the world.
I was in high school before I traveled anywhere that there was this much empty land. I was raised in the Northeast and used to believe in the myth of overpopulation. Now I have traveled across the country, done some reading and have a different opinion.


A+A said...

Oh, so homesick!

cjw said...

That photo with Dad has a great background

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, I have been catching up on Andy and his progress. I am so happy things are going well. I was wondering who the little boy with Ric was. As I read further I realized it was Andy. Wow what a difference.

We will try to make a trip to Franklin sometime soon and let you know when we come. We still miss Murphy House after a year of it's closing. We have settled into eating at New Happy Garden but lament the absence of Murphy House almost every time we go. Tell Wen and Chumsy (?) we said hello. Janet