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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Thanks to Maddie and Sophie !!!

When Andy was in the hospital, Maddie and Sophie (who were also adopted from China) sent him an exciting box of things to play with. Sophie had brain surgery shortly before Andy, so they understood some of the hardships of being in the hospital.

They made some beautiful pictures, that are now hanging on Andy's bedroom wall. Most importantly however, they prayed faithfully for Andy !! Thank you, Maddie and Sophie !!

P.S. Their family will be going back to China soon to bring home a little boy - if anyone has some spare frequent flyer miles I'll let you know how to get them to them.....Catherine

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Marjorie said...

We are so glad Andy enjoyed his box. The girls had a lot of fun putting it together. Andy looks AMAZING! Has he gotten used to his new look yet?