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Friday, April 5, 2013


When Dominic asked why everyone we knew was getting baby chicks I thought he might have an ulterior motive.  Because everyone we know is certainly Not getting baby chicks.  Jerry wasn't home or that might have been the end of the conversation.   I asked if anyone in our family wanted to take care of baby chicks.  I explained that there would be a lot of work involved.  I asked for a show of hands.  Five raised hands.  Andy looked around, and apparently feeling like he got the answer wrong, began to raise his.  I assured him that it was not a bad choice to keep his hand down.

After lunch we went to visit Ric's mom's baby chicks.  Andy asked if he could change his mind.  The tractor supply store was on the way home.  They each got to choose two baby chicks.  If there is a rule about holding babies too much they have broken it.  The next four hours were spent holding/ training the chicks.  Simon began training his to jump.  Andy noticed that they didn't seem to understand the word 'jump'.  When I explained that they didn't speak English because they are chickens, Simon said, 'Oh.  Yah.'  He is 12.  I guess he can relate to not understanding English.

I think we got another little glimpse into Simon's past later that day.  He told Ariel that when he grew up he was going to buy two dogs and train them to fight each other.  She assured him that he would then go to jail charged with animal cruelty.  He said, 'What about chickens?'  "No, you would go to jail for having chicken fights, too."   Simon thanked her for telling him.     It is definitely a different world and they are working hard at figuring it out.   So different, in fact, that chickens understanding English doesn't seem like such a stretch.

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