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When He calls, He always enables.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year

He prepared all the food, which was, of course, wonderful.  This year he didn't bring any typical Chinese specialties with eyeballs, which was okay with me !

The men, mostly, sat at the table together, which is as it would be in China,  although I don't remember seeing any of the women waiting on them.  At least, I didn't. :/

He brought a dozen or more paper cannons, like the ones he gave us for Everett and Kathryn's wedding.  We set a clock ahead, so that at 7:00 it changed to midnight and we rang bells, shot off the cannons, covered up the gold dragon and uncovered the golden snake.  We will have tiny pieces of paper on our grass for some time to come. 

 The highlight for the children, no doubt, was the passing out of the red envelopes, containing varying amounts of money. 
In His great wisdom, God has chosen to weave the children from the Wright, Jiang, and Gray families together. And we are all so much richer for His intervention.


Kathryn Wright said...

This is one of my favorite Wright traditions!! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event..I'm already looking forward to next year's Chinese candy, cream cheese rolls, and red envelopes...for Aria of course :)

Difference2This1 said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for leaving kind words on my blog a bit ago. You have a lovely family truly blessed by some wonderful kiddos. Blessings, Jennifer